Bar Lighting is Key in obtaining the required "feel" for each establishment. We are often tasked to design and supply bespoke lighting solutions with our extensive collection of well-engineered and competitively priced light fittings made by our team of highly skilled, artisan craftsmen and women.

We manufacture all our large and oversized bar lighting 'in house' to ensure we have the UK’s largest choice of size, colour and fabrics available today.

Deciding on the overall look to your bar lighting is very important in creating the right atmosphere for your guests. Our shades can be used as main feature lighting to encouraging the majority of people to congregate in one area or to create intimate spaces for your guests to unwind.


The most common  lighting used for bar environments are pendants situated over the bar counter. Our pendants can be made for decorative purposes with most of the light flooding away or to light the bar surface for a warm intimate setting and assist your staff with their duties.

Printed lamp shades are not only a great way to showcase your designs on a beautiful yet practical Drum, Cylinder, Rectangle, Square or Polo lamp shade it is also a unique way to advertise your business in retail, hospitality and at exhibitions.


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