We supply light fittings and accessories for large scale projects. We are often tasked to design and supply bespoke lighting solutions along with standard items from our extensive collection of well-engineered and competitively priced light fittings.

We can supply all you need to illuminate your hotels and resorts. We supply lighting for many UK and European hotels. Our experience allows us to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

We manufacture all of our large and oversized hotel lighting in-House which ensures we always have the UK’s largest choice of size, colours and fabrics available for order today.

From large prestigious establishments to small family run hotels we understand how colour and luminance play vital roles controlling or changing the overall ambience throughout the course of the day, to suit any style of interior we create a wide selection of traditional, contemporary and modern lamp shades varying in size and colour, used cleverly they can subtly or dramatically change the look and feel of your establishment.

Reception Desk
A high level of light is generally required for the reception area. A well-lit reception area will naturally attract people and help orientate visitors by giving them a visible point of contact.
Intelligent placement of Hotel lighting can add warmth to the premises and also highlight entrance ways, steps or architectural differences increasing the safety for your guests.

With a large collection of Lighting solutions Iberian shades can be used as main feature lighting in Hotel foyers with smaller shades or wall lights nested around to create intimate or social spaces for your patrons to unwind.

Our extensive knowledge in the lighting industry allows us to confidently create bespoke products for our clients, should you require something completely different or an amendment to one of our existing catalogue items then please contact us today.