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Empire Cone Lampshade

Empire Cone Lampshade Sizes

The Empire Cone lampshade is a tall version of the Empire lampshade and with that classic sloped sides style it has a charming profile. Additionally it’s shape helps put more light out the base of the lampshade.

There are many options for decorative extras, materials and diffusers that can add style to any interior when combined with the Empire Cone lampshade. Sloped sides mean that stripes and repeating patterns are distorted and thus should be used with this understanding. 

All with all our core shades Empire Cone shades are made to fit a E27 (ES) bulb holder. 

Our Empire Cone lampshade comes in 10 core sizes and your choice of any of our stock cotton, linen, or silk fabric for quick manufacture to order alternatively you can specify exactly what you want with our bespoke service. 

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