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All about the Diffuser

Why would you want a diffuser?

You don’t always want to see into the lampshade, seeing the lamps them selves can be a little ugly. Or some times you want to soften the light coming out, and that’s when a diffuser comes into play. 

There are several types of diffuser and ways of attaching them, this page will walk you though them. 


Fully Fitted Diffuser

Fully Fitted Acrylic – Opal 030 or Frosted

By far the most common type of diffuser we supply, possibly because of it’s simplicity and effectiveness. Opal 030 acrylic creates a uniform soft blurring of the light. 

Fully fitted means it sits inside the shade on top of the lower ring filling the bottom of the shade with no gaps. This means that this type of diffuser is suited to Drums, Cylinders, French Drums, French Cones, Squares, Rectangles, and others shades with straight or only slightly slopping sides as tapered sides will touch the diffuser and will show though as a ridge on the outer shade. 

Central Hole Acrylic – Opal 030 or Frosted

Similar to the fully fitted but with a access hole in the middle to change the lamp(s). With many sizes of shade an access hole can be added and the view of the lamps still be obscured from most angles. This makes maintenance later easier. 

Center Hole Diffuser

To let more light out we can leave a gap around the edge of the diffuser and push it up into the shade. This is particular effective when combined with a shiny lining.  We have a few ways to do this.

Gapped and Floating Diffuser

Gapped and Floating – Fabric

This diffuser is a fabric panel pulled over a wire ring that is mounted from the shade ring. It can be used on many type of shade as it does not touch the sloped sides and the gap and inset can be adjusted to suit.

A thinner fabric is recommended for this, like out cotton range, but other fabrics can be used so get in contact if you have something in mind. 

Gapped and Raised – Fabric

Like the gapped and floating but for shades where mounting the diffuser to the shade ring isn’t the ideal option. 

This diffuser combines the easy insulation of the fully fitted with the appearance of the gapped and floating but does have little legs out to the edge of the shade. 


Gapped and Raised
Finial Mounted

Finial Mounting – Multiple Material Options

A diffuser can also be attached with a finial. Attaching it to a harp or other frame structure with a threaded stud and decorative finial.

This diffuser can be just acrylic or covered in fabric. It can be level with the edge of the shade, inset, gapped, or combination there of. 

This option has a huge number of variations with different mounting types, finial types, fabric options, shapes, and positioning. It really does depend on the shade.

Check out our Instagram for some inspiration or book a visit to our showroom.