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Have you seen something you like but it is not quite big enough? Do you need a feature light that is more tailored to your space or taste? Perhaps you like the idea of something unique but you are worried it is too complicated or expensive to go down the bespoke route? Or maybe you simply feel: ‘What’s the point of being on this Earth if you are going to be like everyone else?’

No need to worry, we specialise in bespoke lampshades and lighting. As a project led manufacturer we create bespoke lampshades and luminaires every day. We will happily assist you through the design stage of your one-of-a-kind fitting. Whether it is a bespoke suspension option or different materials to bring to life a brilliant idea you had for a light, we can help.

Bespoke lighting provides solutions beyond our core range. 

Based in East Sussex, we offer consultations, design services, and bespoke manufacturing capabilities that can take your idea from inception to completion, ensuring you get a fitting that is truly yours. 

Our skilled craftspeople have the knowledge and experience to make your idea a success.


All lampshades begin with a wire frame and so we boast an in-house wireworks which is why we can craft nearly any style and shape of frame imaginable.

Guided by the country’s most experienced shade frame maker and our small wirework team produces lampshade frames and we custom-make all our shade frames.

These can range from the conventional to the entirely bespoke and from the exquisite to the downright whimsical, from the tiniest shade for a chandelier clip to massive lampshade-based features.

We use modernized techniques and invest in creating a synergy between old craft and modern technology and therefore offer you the best of both worlds. 



Our approach combines artisan-like attention to detail and the
quality of a handmade product with the modern industrial ease of
repeatability and manufacturing tolerances.

If you are seeking a more industrial, architectural or modern look, you can choose from our extensive back catalogue of wire frames or cages. 

Alternatively, we create a bespoke frame to suit your specific needs.

Whether you frames are for our core range products, repeat orders or bespoke items rest assured your lampshades are in excellent hands.

Paint & Finishes

A large majority of lampshade frames come in white.

Through our powder coating department we can offer a larger range of bespoke options, be it chrome silver, gold, black or a specific RAL colour we powder coat your frames the colour you need.

Unsure of which colour to pick? Our sales experts will assist you in getting the exact colour option that works best with you fabric choices.

Of course those colour choices are not just for frames. You can choose the right bespoke ceiling fixing colour or have us powder coat metal spinnings and indeed we can powder coat any bespoke lighting metal parts to suit your tastes.

What if it cannot be powder coated? We offer wet spraying as well as a large range of hand applied finishes be it aged brass and bronze options or polished and lacquered as well as flocking and hand applied wax finishes.

Our paint department has you covered.

Bespoke Paint
Bespoke Silk


Lets talk fabric! You may already know we stock hundreds of fabric choices between our cotton, linen, and silk options, but did you know that you can use lots of fabric types to make “hard” shades? 

Because “hard”, or essential lampshades are mounted on a stiff liner, the mechanical properties of the fabric become less critical. While not all fabrics will work, if you find one you love, send us a sample. We will test it to determine its suitability. Soft shades are a bit more complex, so feel free to give us a call, and we can discuss fabric options.

Our core range range offers fabric choices from fabric manufacturers such as Prestigious Textiles, James Hare, and Pongees. Many of our bespoke orders utilize COM (customer’s own material), either provided to us or we source as needed.

We also offer a bespoke printing service and print bespoke designs in house. Alternatively we source bespoke printed fabric through our network of trusted suppliers.

You can create your unique painted lampshade design feature your company logo, your pet’s face, your wedding photo, or that picture your kid assures you is of an elephant. It can all be reproduced and put on a bespoke lampshade — whether it’s one, ten, or a hundred.

Pleating & Ribbon

Pleating and gathering are not limited to traditional looking soft shades, some forms will work great on more cost effective hard shades too.

The basic fabric manipulation techniques of pleating and gathering when applied to a lampshade add depth and texture to your light. Neat crisp lines of soft fabric create a patterned surface and create visual interest. You can add them to a modern retro lampshade shape as a bespoke option and transform the plain into the sublime.

While pleating and gathering play with the texture of a shape, ribbon manipulates the light. Consecutive layers of ribbon overlap. The variations in thickness create a soft striped shade effect with a less pronounced contrast and a smoother texture than pleats or gathered fabric. This technique is also known as ribbon pleat.

Bespoke Pleats
Bespoke Linings


We use fabric for soft shade linings with silk being the typical choice, often in plain white or cream. 

The selection of lining depends on the outer fabric and the design. Our shade makers are ready to provide advice on suitable options.

For hard shades, the lining options include PVC or card. White PVC is the default in our core range as it most effectively reflects light out of the shade. Nevertheless, there are numerous other options available.

If you prefer a fabric inner, or if you’re looking for something less conventional, wallpapers can also work. Consider options like a glamorous gold or a patterned fabric for the inner lining.


Diffusers serve the purpose of hiding lamps, cutting out glare, and softening light, but they can also be a beautiful element in their own right. In our core range the standard diffuser is a fully fitted opal acrylic as these are easy to fit and maintain.

From gapped and raised to finial-mounted or fabric-covered, we explain it all on our ‘All About Diffusers’ page. The diffuser has the power to completely alter the feel of a lampshade, as well as control the amount of light it emits. That’s why we recommend carefully considering the type of diffuser you want for your shade.

We make all our own diffusers. Keeping this process in-house ensures a perfect fit without unsightly light gaps or uneven spacings. This level of control is crucial in honouring our commitment to delivering the highest quality product for you.

Attaching A Light Source

Selecting the right light source is crucial. Nobody wants a large lampshade with just a faint glow in the middle or a small bedside lamp shining like a miniature sun.

Achieving the appropriate amount of light (measured in lumens) is key, and it is important not to confuse this with watts. Watts  indicate the bulb’s energy consumption, not the light it emits. Lumens indicate how bright the lamp is when lit.

As a quick reference (approximate only):

  • Old 40W = 450lm
  • Old 60W = 800lm
  • Old 100W = 1600lm

Additionally, consider the color temperature (K) for the right ambiance. Most residential and hotel interiors opt for warm to very warm light, ranging from 1800K to around 2800K. A medium to bright white falls within the 3000K to 4000K range, suitable for offices. However, for living rooms, a warmer 2700K might be more fitting. Offices and workspaces can even go up to 5000K – 6500K for a bright daylight color.

Size also plays a role. For small lampshades, an E14 is common. Medium and larger shades work better with an E27, while big shades use multiple E27 lamps. Where traditional lamps are impractical, LED tape or a light engine (a panel of LEDs) can be fitted. In those cases, we use what’s called a gear tray. This is a white or custom-colored aluminum composite panel holding all necessary parts such as LEDs, drivers or lamps and connection boxes. Much like a diffuser, the gear tray is inserted into the top of the shade and held by the top ring.

See our about lamps page to read more.

Welding and Fabrication

At our fabrication and machine shop, we handle larger feature lights, bespoke lighting, and a wide range of custom fixing options frequently requested. These range from fixed drop rods to chain suspensions.

Our capabilities extend to crafting bespoke wall brackets and lights. If there is something specific you are looking for but cannot find, get in touch and see if we can create it for you.

Our expertise spans traditional metalworking to modern CAD CAM manufacturing. We are equipped to produce any small quantity of bespoke metal parts we require.

Bespoke Weld

Weird & Wonderful

We thoroughly enjoy collaborating with artisans to create something truly special.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of meeting exceptional artists and artisans. It is always a thrill when we can integrate their incredible work into a light fitting, blending the freeform expression of art with the functionality of lighting.

Many of our team members are artisans at heart, always eager to learn new techniques and skills that we can apply to our bespoke offerings.

We have incorporated a wide range of artisanal disciplines into our lighting projects. These range from woodwork to special effects paint, blacksmithing to upholstery, and 3D printing to basket weaving. Even unconventional arts like wheel building, glass blowing, pottery, interactive projection mapping, and sound projection have found their way into our portfolio over the years.

So, no matter how extravagant your idea may be, give us a call to explore what we can create for you.

Just remember: We cannot defy gravity and time; it is gravity or time.


Design Services

Our design and engineering service extends beyond crafting the bespoke light of your dreams. We can transform your ideas from a simple sketch or mood board into a finished product.

You can explore our projects to see a growing portfolio of our work. It shows our years of experience in designing, engineering, and bespoke manufacturing lighting.

Our dedicated design team is ready to assist you in creating the lighting you need — no project is too small or too big.

We believe that good lighting defines a space, and we are here to help make it the perfect space for you.

Bespoke Design Team

Check out our Instagram for some inspiration or book a visit to our showroom.