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We hope you find what you are looking for however if your query is not answered here then please contact us as we are always happy to help if you need any further information or advice.

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Ordering Questions

Prices and lead times are entirely dependent on your design / Size of the shade. Therefore individual quotes are provided for each customer.

Q: What do I do if I need advice?
A: We are happy to help you with any query you may have. Contact us by sending an email or give us a call.

Q: How can I place an order for your shades?
A: Please call or email our sales team your request, we will then email you a quotation. Click Here  to contact our Office in East Sussex for more information on our services.

Q: I live outside of the United Kingdom, can you deliver to me?
A: We are happy to ship to you where ever you may be. The peculiarities of postage rates, means that we would ask you to email us with your requirements and we can work out the most efficient method shipping for you.

Q: I am looking for a particular light, can you help?
A: Yes, we will do the best we can to get you the light you require.

Lamp Shade Questions

Q: Do you stock the shades?
A: All of our products are made to order, generally from stock materials. We always endeavour to turn orders around as quickly as possible.

Q: I would like to change or add some extras, is that possible?
A: Yes we are always happy to work with your ideas although additional charges may apply.

Q: Can you work with my designs and produce a completely unique shade?
A: Yes we are fully equip to develop your ideas into a one of its kind lighting solution.

Q: I would like to use my own fabric on the lamp shades, would this be possible?
A: Usually, however additional charges will apply. A small sample of the material would be required first as not all materials are suitable for lamp shades. Once we have confirmed the material is fit for purpose it’s important to figure out how much is needed. The length of fabric depends on the shape of the shade and the width of the fabric. Since there are so many variations involved, we recommend that you ask one of our trained staff to provide you with an exact measurement.

Q: Can Iberian Lighting create/help me create a new design?
A: Yes, Our highly experienced and dedicated team in our Design and Innovation Centre can offer you the best advice and lighting design service. Please contact us by phone or email so we are able to create a brief to you.

Lighting fixtures & Fittings

Q: Can i Mount ceiling lights to the wall?
A: Most of our ceiling lights can be wall mounted. Please note that If a ceiling light is mounted on the wall, the lampholder must be positioned at the bottom of the product, so that heat generated rises away from the lampholder.

Q: Can your ceramic or plaster lights be painted?
A: Yes, you can paint either ceramic or plaster lights.

Q: Are your lights suitable to be used by the sea?
A: Exposure to a high salt environment, such as coastal situations, is not recommended. But we do offer a coastal range collection suitable for use by the coast and other exposed areas, the collection combines outstanding durability with striking design. Click here to view the coastal collection.

Lamp Questions

Q: How long will an LED lamp last?
A: The lifetime of a LED lamp is defined in hours. As with all types of lamp, the light output very slowly fades over time. LED lamps do not generally burnout they will still perform after their rated hours  e.g 25,000 hours. The lifetime is the figure     stated when the light output is predicted to drop by a significant amount of the original light output where you may consider a replacement, this is partly due the the slow aging of the parts of the lamps such as refractors and other components.  External factors such as heat, humidity, switching cycles and power supply will affect the lifetime of an LED lamp.

Q: Do LED lamps contain mercury?
A: LED lighting does not need mercury to be used as part of the lighting process, unlike some CFL bulbs. Our LED lamps do not contain mercury or any other hazardous chemicals or materials.

Q: What do “Warm White” & “Cool White” mean?
A:  A Warm White lamp will provide a traditional yellowish colour light, similar to conventional bulbs. This is the most popular choice.  (2700-3000K). A Cool White lamp will provide a modern, clean, bright light, that is slightly blue in colour.(4000-5000K)