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A Retro Lampshade is your essential shade for home, office or any space needing a lampshade.

Why do we call it a retro lampshade? Lampshade trends come and go and are always changing. On top of this we work on creating new styles constantly. All this means that the age old distinctions of traditional and modern no longer paint a complete picture of all the choices avalable. Essential shades, alongside their variations of tiered shades and feature shades represent the base essence of lampshade styles. Ask a child to draw a lampshade and chances are they will draw you one of these.

Straight sides covered in fabric present so many options and contained within  these following pages are the basics and our favorites. Some are simple and some are not and they suit a range or spaces from small and intimate to huge and dramatic. They work equally well on a lamp base, floor lamp or wall light as well as a main feature.

Check out our Instagram for some inspiration or book a visit to our showroom.

One day we will have a website that will let you buy your perfect retro lampshade with just a few happy clicks. While we work on making that dream come true please email to discuss your needs and order your shades.

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