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About Iberian

A brief introduction to Iberian

Since 1963, Iberian has been creating Premium quality lampshade & lighting products in the Sussex Weald for a diverse range of clients, including those in hospitality, retail, film, and private residences and has established a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of quality, handmade lighting solutions.

Our dedicated team of talented artisans form the heart of Iberian. Their skill set ranges from seamstresses to blacksmiths, to cad designers. Together they bring our exceptional products to life, defining what makes us truly unique. Our remarkable staff make the incredible handcrafted lampshades and light fittings we produce possible.

In 2020 we moved into a purpose built 20,000 sq. ft. space, tailored to our specific needs, featuring a showroom accessible by appointment.

Our Mission

At Iberian, each light fitting is meticulously handcrafted to customers’ specifications. We exclusively make to order due to the extensive customization possibilities. Every product is uniquely made for you and often personally signed by the dedicated maker. With years of experience, we have perfected the art of crafting lampshades to ensure a product that brings lasting joy and meets the highest standards.

While we use cutting-edge equipment in our manufacturing process, we value the unique qualities of craftsmanship – the precision of human hands, the discernment of skilled artisans, and the expertise gained through years of working with materials like fabric.

These irreplaceable elements, beyond the reach of machines, are essential for us to preserve and celebrate.

Iberian Shade Makers

We prioritize sourcing materials locally and nationally to minimize our environmental impact. Our commitment to developing more sustainable ways of manufacturing reflects our belief in responsibly shaping the future.

Keep it local

Sustainable Aspirations

Iberian are committed to developing more sustainable ways of manufacturing. sustainability by minimizing waste and creatively using every material scrap before it becomes waste. While our products include plastics like PVC and acrylic, we design them for durability, not fast fashion. We aim to create items that become a lasting part of your life, meant to be cherished.

Check out our Instagram or our projects for some inspiration or book a visit to our showroom.