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Drum Shades & Monkey Baristas At Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee Monkey

Flash back a few years to this advertising gem by Costa Coffee, a play on the monkeys with typewrites writing Shakespeare, and we see some of our work. An array of drum shades hang above the scene. 

The tall drum lampshades, not quite tall enough to be classed as cylinders, are lined with white PVC and covered in silk that unlike your regular hard shade its not wrapped abound the rings. The bottom ring is raised up from is normal position at the edge of the shade and is visible as a shadow on the side part way up where it supports an opal  diffuser. The top ring is also slightly dropped as visible as a shadow near the top. 

The overall effect is a bright but warm light that clearly illuminates the comic scene below. An array of simple shades like these in a large array can have a dramatic overall appearance as you can see. 

We love this Costa Coffee ad and hope you do to. 

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