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Squavy lampshade

Squavy Lampshade Sizes

The Squavy lampshade, or square wavy shade is a scalloped square or rectangular shade. We are really smitten with this unique but somehow classic feeling shade and feel it has an air of sophistication. The rectangular Squavy lampshade, like the one shown to help dimension, is 4×2 scallops while the square is 2×2.

This interesting shape looks amassing with shot silk or other fabric that looks different from varying angles but any fabric design will work well on its vertical sides. 

All of our core size are made to fit a E27 (ES) bulb holder. 

Our Squavy lampshade comes in 6 core sizes and your choice of any of our stock cotton, linen, or silk fabric for quick manufacture to order. Or you can specify exactly you want with our bespoke service. 

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