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Rectangle lampshade

Rectangle Lampshade Sizes

The Rectangle lampshade is a commanding shape with it crisp corners and straight sides. Our chosen size range has a width that is twice the depth for a pleasing silhouette when viewed from above or below. This basic shape is uncommon and makes for a stunning and surprising fitting. 

All our core rectangle lampshade sizes are made to fit a E27 (ES) bulb holder. This rectangle is designed with a single E27 as its mounting point, for larger sizes or more mounting points see our bespoke service. 

Our Rectangle lampshade comes in 7 core sizes and your choice of any of our stock cotton, linen, or silk fabric for quick manufacture to order. Or you can specify exactly you want with our bespoke service. 

If you want to go bespoke the vertical faces of the are perfect for showing off a special print or a company logo. The straight sides work well with stripes and repeating patterns that would be displaced by a slope. 

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