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The Polo is a striking light fitting. A ring of light floating in the air encased in fabric inside and out. Where other similar shaped light fitting may be made of metal the Polo being made from fabric covered panels opens it up to a world of different textures and light effects. Delicate fabrics letting more light out or textured fabrics adding depth to a simple form. The possibilities are huge and exciting. 

We chose to make the Polo core sizes have a slim section profile compared to the diameter as this gives it a delicate or modern feel depending on materials chosen but our bespoke service lets you explore and play with size and materials.

Fitted with a LED strip inside this light will need a driver to be installed remotely. The light is suspended with catenary wires, please discuss the ceiling mounting arrangements and the suspension height with our sales team when ordering.

Our Polo comes in 16 core sizes and your choice of any of our stock cotton, linen, or silk fabric for quick manufacture to order, or you can specify exactly you want with our bespoke service. 

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